Transforming marriages is the secret wish of THE SONG executive producer

Executive Producer Kyle Idleman has a secret motive behind his acclaimed film THE SONG. 

Opening in theaters on September 26, it is inspired by the biblical book Song of Solomon. The movie revolves around the story of singer/songwriter Jed King who is struggling to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous father when he writes an instant hit, "The Song," which thrusts him into stardom and terrible choices, threatening his marriage to the beautiful love of his life.

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired U.S. rights to the music-driven love story starring Alan Powell (lead-singer for "Anthem Lights"), Caitlin Nicol-Thomas ("Nashville") and Ali Faulkner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn) and features ten original songs produced for the film. The film releases on September 26th.

"Director Richard Ramsey has created an incredibly touching and triumphant film about temptation, redemption and the power of forgiveness" Meyer Gottlieb, President of Samuel Goldwyn Films told the website Hallels. "We are proud to bring this moving and inspirational love story to the big screen and I'm certain it will resonate with audiences around the country." 

But what is Idleman's big motive behind the film?

"In our culture we are constantly hearing about love, sex, and marriage," Idleman told Hallels. "These are the subjects of the songs we listen to, the books we read and the movies we watch. But the messages we have been receiving have left our love lives broken and cold. We want to awaken love in marriages and we look to what God has said about these important areas. After all he is the one who came up with the ideas of love, sex, and marriage; so he's the one who knows what's best. THE SONG film is a great date night movie that will point you to God who has the power to awaken love in your relationship."

An integral part of the movie is a line of resources and curriculum based on Song of Solomon -- not something you'd expect from a Hollywood movie.

"These offerings offer counsel, guidance and inspiration and are perfect for couples wanting to go deeper, as well as for churches to use in a group setting," reports Hallels.

"The assets include a Small Group Study, a Couples Kit with Six-Week Devotional book/DVDs, a Pastor's Kit with a six-week teaching series, a Devotional and a Participant's Journal workbook. All are a candid exploration of God's plan for marriage. With straightforward Bible teaching through the Song of Solomon from pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman, THE SONG addresses real-world relationship issues such as dating, romance, intimacy, conflict, restoration and cultivating true commitment. The resource materials are available for purchase now through"