The Examiner rips this weekend’s new films, but not THE SONG!

In the weekend's wrap-up of new films, the national entertainment website The Examiner blasted almost everything -- but praised THE SONG!

Eight films were panned with a "Thumbs Down." Another got a "Thumbs Up." Alone in the popular website's reviews, THE SONG got a "Breakthrough!" rating.

"Alan Powell plays an aspiring singer-songwriter whose life and marriage suffer when the song he writes for his wife (Ali Faulkner) propels him to stardom," declare The Examiner's critics. 

“THE SONG tells a simple story with miraculous beauty," continues the review. "Inspired by 'The Song of Solomon,' the new faith-based flick certainly possesses several spiritual themes that elevate its significance for Christian viewers.

"But by no means should that drive away the general moviegoing population as love is the heart and soul of this remarkable romantic drama with a sensational soundtrack.

"Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner give truly powerful performances that evoke a whirlwind of emotions among audience members - many of whom will not walk out with dry eyes and all of whom will be genuinely moved to profound internal reflection. (Breakthrough!)"