Super hero wedding proves that reality doesn’t need to get in the way of love

It was Batman at the altar and Superman on a guitar at the reception. 

"A couple obsessed with super heroes saved their own day and organized an unforgettable wedding on a shoestring budget after the bride-to-be lost her job in the run-up to their nuptials," reports Caroline McGuire for the Daily Mail.

Becky and Steve Mear had planned to tie the knot in a traditional white wedding until budget realities hit. "The thrifty couple didn't let that dampen their spirits and organized a low-cost wedding based around their geeky fascination with comic book characters," writes McGuire. 

They had a traditional ceremony, but "in true Superman style, transformed the reception venue into a haven for comic book characters." 

"Becky, 23, and Steve, 25," writes McGuire, "incorporated their love for cartoon heroes and villains into their unique wedding reception."

Guests came dressed as Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman. Why a movie theme? Well, films have been portraying weddings for decades, On September 26, a country-music themed movie, THE SONG, will hit theaters nationwide. It portrays a couple that meets at a wine festival, falls in love, gets married, then wrestles with the deceptions and fantasies of show biz. Alan Powell (lead-singer for "Anthem Lights") plays country musician Jed King who is desperately in love with Rose -- played by Caitlin Nicol-Thomas ("Nashville"), but tempted by stage partner Ali Faulkner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn). The film features the two performing many of the ten original songs produced for the film. 

Reportedly none of THE SONG's new music made it into the McGuire's super-hero-themed reception, complete with musicians in tights and capes. 

"We had originally planned to have our wedding at a four-star hotel," Becky told the Mail, "but when I lost my job, we had to change everything. Looking back now, it was the best thing that could have happened to us because we got to do everything we wanted -- and we could be as nerdy as we wanted. We are both really nerdy and we wanted to show that side of our personalities in our wedding -- we just didn't want it to be like every other wedding."

Guests were encouraged to come to the reception dressed as their favorite fantasy heroes. Spiderman and Superman were seen at almost every table.  

Why the movie theme?

'Steve is my very own Ironman," said Becky, "and I will always love him.'