So, what do moviegoers think of THE SONG?

What do folks who have been to early showings of THE SONG think? Hate it? Love it? 

We thought we'd look at some of the sites on the internet where the public can weigh in. The response was amazing! 

"My husband and I (married 35 years) loved this movie," Vickie B wrote on Rotten Tomatoes. She attended with her spouse Randy. "Great true to life story, great music and a great encouraging message of hope as well. Highly recommend it!!"

Over on Fandango, "I was really surprised how good this was!" raved Jeff Grant. "After my wife finished crying her face off, we both agreed this was THE BEST movie of its genre, putting it high on our list of top movies. Solid acting, great music, clever references, realistic character decisions and dialogue and over all a very strong contribution to the global dialogue going on in the world.

"This may come as a shock to some of my friends - but I really don't like Christian based movies," wrote Debbie B. "Most are hokey, shallow and lack the kind of depth real life throws at us. The Song is different. The story line is compelling, the acting believable and the music is superb! Can't wait to buy the soundtrack!

"My husband and I really loved this movie," wrote Spappenfus on Fandango. "It made us appreciate the marriage that we have and how important it is to take care of our relationship!"

"Wonderful movie of real life marriage struggles and joys," agreed VRBALE, who gave the film 5 stars. "Great music and a wonderful message of Hope!!!"

Back on Rotten Tomatoes: "Saw a preview screening," wrote Jon S. "Great music. Great movie. Positive message."

Joel M. was just as enthusiastic: "Saw the premiere and it is one of the most authentic movies I've seen in a long time. Has the potential to change lives. Go see it!"

"This most certainly NOT your typical 'Christian' film," noted Chip S. "The characters and story are rich and we'll developed. Kevin Bryan's cinematography is gorgeous, and Ramsey's directorial debut is extremely impressive. I highly recommend THE SONG to anyone who loves a well crafted film... you won't be disappointed!"

Pretty amazing. As of this writing, there's not a single negative review from the public on either website. 

And what did the professional critics think? Here's a real puzzler. Although it's been praised by quite a number of reviewers, not a single professional review is listed yet on Rotten Tomatoes, which is notorious for slamming Christian movies. Kinda makes you wonder. Why hasn't the site given the film credit for all the rave reviews it's already gotten in the media?