Love can be full of surprises!

"He came into my life unexpectedly. Sort of like a movie," writes Twarita Mukherjee. "You know, the kind that leaves you with little tears about to fall from your eyes. A huge lump in your throat, and inspiration. A drive that makes you so sure you will find love out there. (Wishful thinking?)

"We met on the internet. I can already hear the peanut gallery's snide remarks and deftly dealt blows to my intelligence, my morals, my thoughts. After all, I must be crazy, and he must be an axe murderer right? I must be desperate, after all, to fall in love with a man over the internet. No, none of the above. (You pessimists just have to chalk this one up).

"He is the most caring, compassionate man I have ever met. And I can say that with all honesty, with all truths freely tossed into the lion's den for approval."

Their relationship just happened -- like a scene out of the movie THE SONG, where young singer/songwriter Jed King, son of a famous musician, books himself a gig at a wine festival -- not expecting much. Instead, Jed, played by real-life popular artist Alan Powell, falls head over heels, crazy in love with the vinyard owner's daughter, Rose, played by Ali Faulkner, who you may remember from the Twilight movies.

Of her real-life romance, "I wasn't expecting it to happen," confesses Twarita. "Wasn't looking for it. But I wasn't against it. I was open to it sub-consciously, I suppose. Searching for that fairy tale somewhere, my internal thoughts caught up with the rest of science and dove into technology as well. I had heard so much about it happening to real life people like me, from places in the world I had never heard of, but it happened!

"We fell in love. Just like that. Fell. Head over heels. And I can say this, without hesitation, that I fall in love with this man more and more every day. When I hear his voice, BAM, I fall in love again. When I look into his eyes, BAM, I'm in love again. Anything this man does equates to pure, sweetened love for me."

Pure, wonderful love, just like that of Jed and Rose in THE SONG. But in the movie, things get gritty -- heartbreaking -- when Jed makes it big in showbiz and finds himself falling for fellow musician Caitlin Nicol Thomas, who understands the music world and the thrill of playing to the crowd. 

And like Twarita in real life, "there's a loop hole," she writes. "Isn't there always?"

But love overcomes. Love finds a way. Just like in THE SONG. "Through this love we have grown stronger," says Twarita. "We have learned from each other. We have taken our relationship beyond the levels of just something we got 'off the internet.'

"Without him, I'd simply be searching for something that couldn't give me what he gives me. It would only be false, and I know this to be of truth, because for once in my life, my heart feels what my head does, and they are both in sync. I'm loving every minute of it."

Real love. "It can happen, it has happened," writes Twarita. "When you hear the woes of love tales gone sour, just know that love is alive. It is all around us, and it will find you when you least expect it. And in the last place you would ever think of finding it."