“I could so relate” to gritty content, real-life, temptations, says blogger

"Date night is one that I look forward to," shares blogger Leona Morelock, and as a new mom, "they don’t come as often as they used to. Having children, or even pets, can make things a bit more challenging. Many of our date nights now start at 8 PM (bedtime) and are in the comfort of our living room. We were very lucky to be able to preview a romantic movie before it has even been released nationwide."

And so, the Morelocks settled in for a quiet evening and a home screening of THE SONG.

"Snuggled up we started watching a young man who could be considered the King Solomon of today’s era. Jed is cast in his father’s shadow and, like us all, struggles to find his place."

In the film, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas plays one of Jed’s fellow musicians. She’s a beautiful, brazen, and sultry singer and violinist. Just as hundreds of wives and concubines led Solomon astray, Shelby ensnares Jed in a world of temptation and addiction that nearly destroys him.

In the film, Jed's marriage "has many heartaches," writes Morelock. "When you are newly married it is easy to think that your relationship will always be in the honeymoon phase and that real work is for other couples -- not you. But as Jed was faced with temptation, he came to realize that hard, soul searching work can make or break a couple. The gritty content that comes with temptations are all shown in true-life fashion.

"What is your ‘Shelby’?"

"I could relate to so much of what was shown. I have had plenty of my own ‘Shelbys’ and many times had to reach the lowest of lows in order to start the climb back up," writes Morelock. "But through them, I am slowly seeing my threads and who I have worked to become. Just as Jed and Rose realized the work-thing-about-marriage really is for everyone. Maybe they realized just in time or maybe it was just too late. That’s for you to discover. If you have children, hire a babysitter and make it to see THE SONG. It could be the thing that you’ve been needing to see for your own marriage or the many other temptations that are out there."