Fame and stardom offer hard wages

For newcomer actor Alan Powell, taking on a singer-songwriter character for the Samuel Goldwyn Films movie THE SONG, was an easy fit, reports Yahoo Movies editor Meriah Doty.

"Like his character, the up-and-coming Powell actor is better known for his music — as the frontman for the Christian band Anthem Lights," writes Doty. "In the film’s trailer, Powell’s character seeks to rise from under the shadow of his legendary father. Along the way he meets the love of his life, Rose (played by Ali Faulkner, who you may remember from Twilight: Breaking Dawn).

"But fame strikes and almost tears the tender couple apart, His rising star causes problems, including a schism with his wife. His marriage starts to crumble as fellow musician Shelby Bale (Caitlin Nicol-Thomas of Nashville) enters the picture. The double-edged sword of stardom never ceases to cut both ways."

THE SONG is loosely based on the romantic writings of Israel's ancient King Solomon -- who had 1,000 wives, according to historical accounts. Many of the marriages were dipliomatic moves -- , protecting Solomon's kingdom from war. After all, even the worst monarch is going to think twice before invading his son-in-law's kingdom. However, Solomon had at least one great love, cryptically called "Rose of Sharon," in the sultry and even sexy poetry of the Bible's Song of Solomon.

The film features 10 American Roots songs based on Solomon's poetry and advice -- including a new version of the 1965 classic from The Byrds, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" -- which was taken directly from Solomon's Book of Ecclesiastes found in the Bible's Old Testament. 

The SONG opens nationwide on September 26th.