Chick-fil-A store owner invites 50 couples to a “fun date night”

While watching a preview excerpt of THE SONG, Tim Burchfield realized this movie could change lives.

So, he’s taking his wife, Molly, to the film’s opening this Friday night – as well as a few friends. He invited 50 area couples to be exact – offering them a chance to enjoy a "fun date night" on his tab.

He’s the owner-operator of several Chick-Fil-A restaurants in and around Johnson City, Tennessee – a college town of 55,469, home to East Tennessee State University, Milligan College, Northeast State Community College and Tusculum College.

“We’re all about family values,” he explains. “This movie has a great story to tell – a good view of what being married is all about. So, I invited 10 couples from the five largest churches here in town. Then, we’re having a little reception afterwards to make this a fun date night. I just thought this would be a great way to let word of mouth filter out into the community.”

Why this movie – why not a documentary of marching penguins or maybe the next zombie flick?

“No, THE SONG has a story to tell,” says Burchfield. To him the film is about public promises – just like the promise that his company has made never to open on Sunday and to honor family values. “There’s just something about a public promise that makes a marriage work,” said Burchfield. “There’s just something about a public promise that changes things. A public promise is not easily broken.”

And he’s coming?

“I am taking my wife,” he says. She wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea of a Christian movie. Too many are too predictable: amateur acting, stale plots and goody-goody characters. “Her first reaction was that it will be a little bit cheesy. But no, that’s one reason I want people to see this film. It’s gritty. It’s about real life issues.

“There are tough parts of marriage. This movie doesn’t pull any punches.” In fact, it’s been criticized for being too sexy for a “Christian movie.” It doesn’t end with an altar call – giving moviegoers an opportunity to shake the preacher’s hand or pray the Sinner’s Prayer.

“This isn’t like any other Christian movie I’ve ever seen,” says Burchfield. “I want to spread the word.”

But 50 couples – and a reception afterwards? “We look for opportunities to give back,” he says of his stores. “We have been so blessed – we support things that promote the right values. People know when you’re doing the right thing.

“I tell my workers, I want you to preach the Gospel in the way that you live.” 



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